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Free Online Tax Filing:


  • Snap-a-pic W-2 import
  • Refund Reveal
  • Technical support (by chat)

Tax Situations:

  • Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Child care expenses
  • Student loan interest
  • Retirement plan income
  • Social Security income
  • Child tax credit
Federal Cost:

per state filed

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Deluxe Online Tax Filing:

Includes Free Online features plus:


  • Six years' access to prior returns
  • DeductionPro® to optimize donations
  • Unlimited tax advice (by chat)

Tax Situations:

  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Unreported tips
  • Mortgage interest
Federal Cost:

per state filed

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Premium Online Tax Filing:

Includes Deluxe features plus:


  • Import expenses from popular apps like Stride
  • Unlimited tax advice (by chat)

Tax Situations:

  • Freelance / Contractor income with expenses less than $5,000
  • Stock sales income
  • Rental property income
Federal Cost:

per state filed

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Self-Employed Online Tax Filing:

Includes Premium features plus:


  • Expense import from popular apps like Stride
  • Business Booster to write off your startup costs
  • Unlimited tax advice (by chat)

Tax Situations:

  • Small business income
  • Small business expenses
    (Home office, depreciation, vehicle expenses)
Federal Cost:

per state filed

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Free + Tax Pro Review

Best for: Simple returns, New filers, Have children

W-2 import
Refund Reveal™
Technical support
(by chat)
Expert evaluation
to get every
credit & deduction

Deluxe + Tax Pro Review

Best for: Homeowners, Health Savings Account (HSA) owners

Six years’ access
to prior returns
Unlimited tax
advice (by chat)
DeductionPro® to
optimize donations
Expert evaluation
to get every
credit & deduction

Premium + Tax Pro Review

Best for: Freelancers/Contractors, Investments, Rental Property owners

Import expenses
from popular apps
like Stride
Unlimited tax
advice (by chat)
Expert evaluation
to get every
credit & deduction

Self-Employed + Tax Pro Review

Best for: Self-Employed, Business owners

Import expenses
from popular apps
like Stride
Unlimited tax
advice (by chat)
Business Booster™
to write off
your startup costs
Expert evaluation
to get every
credit & deduction

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Every year I go in and out less than 30 minutes I love that. And I recommend everyone to file with H&R Block if you want to get the maximum refund with no hidden fees you won't be disappointed trust me!!!

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